Georges-Jacques Danton

Standard Name: Danton, Georges-Jacques


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Literary Setting Hilary Mantel
The novel takes place in Paris, primarily during the years of the revolution, beginning from 1787, when, as HM sees it, three men, Camille Desmoulins , Maximilien Robespierre , and Georges-Jacques Danton , seized...
Textual Features Pam Gems
In this drama PG returns to the subject matter of her translation and adaptation The Danton Affair, made in 1986 from Przybyszewska 's 1930s play of the same title. In PG 's The Snow...
Textual Features Elizabeth Moody
Personal matters mingle with others of public or topical interest, as EM addresses Joseph Priestley on the inter-relation of matter and spirit, Marie Antoinette on her sufferings before her execution, and Dr Thomas Huet on...
Textual Production Pam Gems
PG 's next two plays, both about historic periods of violent revolutionary struggle, were not well received. La Pasionara, produced at the Newcastle Playhouse in 1985, was based on the life of Dolores Ibarruri


April 1793
The Committee of Public Safety was set up in Paris to guide the National Convention .
5 April 1794
In France, Robespierre had his two erstwhile friends and associates Desmoulins and Danton guillotined.