André Breton

Standard Name: Breton, André
Used Form: Andre Breton


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Family and Intimate relationships Leonora Carrington
At this time Ernst was leading member of the Surrealist movement and identified by André Breton as the most magnificently haunted brain of our times.
Warner, Marina, and Leonora Carrington. “Introduction”. Down Below, New York Review of Books, p. vii - xxxvii.
He was also married. Twenty-six years younger than Ernst,...
Leisure and Society Leonora Carrington
LC 's awareness of and growing experimentation with modern art was nurtured by her mother despite their different beliefs about how LC should shape her life. Maurie Carrington gave Leonora a copy of Surrealism (1936)...
Occupation Leonora Carrington
She appears in the photo not only with her lover Max Ernst and friend André Breton , but also her former teacher Amédée Ozenfant . Berenice Abbott and Peggy Guggenheim are the only other women...
Reception Leonora Carrington
André Breton was an early admirer of the story and included The Debutante in Anthology of Black Humour, an edited collection first published in 1939 but suppressed until 1945 because the Nazi -compliant Vichy...
Textual Production Nancy Cunard
The original book was 855 pages long; it measured twelve inches by ten and half; it was two inches thick; it weighed eight pounds. The title, NEGRO, ran diagonally in large red capitals across...
Textual Production Adrienne Rich
This collection contains two epigraphs: one from André Breton 's Nadja, and another from George Eliot , which reads, There is no private life which is not determined by a wider public life.
Rich, Adrienne. Diving into the Wreck. Norton.
Textual Production Leonora Carrington
After her traumatic time in a psychiatric clinic during the early stages of World War II, LC began writing her memoir. She was encouraged in this work by her peer in surrealism, André Breton ...


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