Leopold I, King of Belgium

Standard Name: Leopold I,, King of Belgium
Used Form: Prince Leopold of Saxe-Coburg
Used Form: Leopold King of the Belgians


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Friends, Associates Ellis Cornelia Knight
After her return she paid several visits to Princess Charlotte , who was by now married to Prince Leopold of Saxe-Coburg . These visits were brief, however, and Prince Leopold made it clear that he...
Friends, Associates Jane Porter
While living in Esher, the Porter family were neighbours of Prince Leopold , resident of Claremont and widower of Princess Charlotte (who died in 1817); their mother used to receive gifts of game and fruit...
Literary responses George Eliot
Lewes , who wrote that if the book was not a hit I will never more trust my judgement in such matters,
Eliot, George. The George Eliot Letters. Editor Haight, Gordon S., Yale University Press.
3: 10
was vindicated when printing after printing was called for (15,000 copies...
Publishing Lady Charlotte Bury
It is in large format from John Murray , illustrated with engravings from drawings by the author's late husband , and dedicated to the queen . Subscribers included most of the British royal family, the...
Reception Anna Maria Porter
This novel was the last book that Princess Charlotte was reading aloud with her husband before her untimely death in childbirth in November 1817. Prince Leopold preserved the copy, with the page turned down where...
Residence Queen Victoria
After the Duke of Kent died, his impoverished wife and daughter (the Princess Alexandrina Victoria ) were forced to move into Kensington Palace and live at the expense of Prince Leopold .
Longford, Elizabeth. Queen Victoria: Born to Succeed. Harper and Row.
Textual Production L. E. L.
In the same year, 1833, LEL published in Fisher's Drawing Room Scrap Book a poem entitled The Princess Charlotte. This sets its evocation of the terrible national blow of the princess's death, on 6...
Violence Queen Victoria
The potential assassin was a twenty year-old cabinet maker by the name of John Francis who was found to be not the least bit mad—but very cunning.
Victoria, Queen. Queen Victoria in Her Letters and Journals. Editor Hibbert, Christopher, Penguin.
In a letter to King Leopold ,...


May 1816: Princess Charlotte (daughter of the Prince...

National or international item

May 1816

Princess Charlotte (daughter of the Prince of Wales ) married Prince Leopold of Saxe-Coburg .


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