Samuel Fothergill

Standard Name: Fothergill, Samuel


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Anthologization Catherine Phillips
Others of CP 's writings were collected in the third edition of Samuel Fothergill 's Discourses in 1803, and by John Kendall in Letters on Religious Subjects, 1805, volume iii.
Family and Intimate relationships Jessie Fothergill
On the Wensleydale-Quaker side of the family, JF could claim substantial connections, including the famous eighteenth-century botanist, physician, and writer Dr John Fothergill , and his brother, the eminent Quaker preacher Samuel Fothergill .
Speight, Harry. Romantic Richmondshire. Elliot Stock.
Friends, Associates Mary Peisley
MP formed close relationships with many of her fellow Quakers, as it was the practice of the Society to do, by means of sharing work and travel with them. She mentions particularly in her letters...
Travel Mary Peisley
In the south of England she took in London, Cambridge, and Burford in Gloucestershire, travelling now with Samuel Fothergill . In all this trip involved covering 5000 miles on horseback and attending...


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Fothergill, Samuel, and Catherine Phillips. Some Discourses, Epistles, and Letters, by the late Samuel Fothergill. W. Phillips, 1803.