Noel Riley Fitch

Standard Name: Fitch, Noel Riley


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Family and Intimate relationships Sylvia Beach
SB was hunting down a copy of Paul Fort 's Vers et prose, and was directed to Monnier's bookshop. She found the shop's owner surprisingly warm and friendly. Adrienne declared that she like[d] America...
Leisure and Society Bryher
Becoming Bryher was one way of indicating rejection of patriarchal influences and assertion of feminist connections. Bryher also used her physical appearance to demonstrate her distaste for mainstream images of acceptable upper-class femininity. Noel Riley Fitch
Occupation Sylvia Beach
Joyce was having trouble getting his latest work, Ulysses, published because of the public outcry against it and the obscenity laws that penalized both the printer and the publisher of material deemed obscene. Harriet Weaver
Wealth and Poverty Sylvia Beach
Eleanor Beach fully supported her daughter's dream of owning a bookstore. She worked with her broker to get SB the necessary $3,000 (24,810 francs) in August 1919 in order to start the business.
Fitch, Noel Riley. Sylvia Beach and the Lost Generation: A History of Literary Paris in the Twenties and Thirties. W. W. Norton, 1983.


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