Horatio Herbert, first Earl Kitchener

Standard Name: Kitchener, Horatio Herbert,,, first Earl
Used Form: Lord Kitchener


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Textual Production Marie Belloc Lowndes
Thirty-six years after this publication, MBL wrote of the way [m]uch is left out that should have been put into official biographies, because of the writer's need to keep a nervous eye cocked on certain...
Textual Production Marie Belloc Lowndes
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Theme or Topic Treated in Text Jan Morris
This time the story begins with Kitchener 's re-taking of Khartoum, and ends with the death in 1965 of Winston Churchill , presented as the last imperialist. In it JM appeals to her own...


2 September 1898
General Herbert Kitchener led the UK forces in the Battle of Omdurman, and the capture of Khartoum.
5 June 1916
Lord Kitchener was drowned when the HMS Hampshire sank after hitting a mine off the Orkney Islands.
1 July 1916
A British advance on the River Somme resulted in appalling losses: 60,000 (including 19,000 British) died the first day, and 400,000 British by the end of the battle, on 18 November.
Gordon Memorial College in Khartoum was taken into special relation with the University of London .