John Flamsteed

Standard Name: Flamsteed, John


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Literary responses Caroline Herschel
The Critical Review felt that CH 's corrections were of more consequence, not less, because of the lapse of time during which they had been needed, and that the ability and attention of the astronomers...
Occupation Elizabeth Tollet
ET 's book ownership qualifies her as a collector in a way that few of her female contemporaries were, though since she left her collection to her scholarly nephew George it is hard to separate...
Textual Production Caroline Herschel
The Royal Society issued, with her name, CH 's Catalogue of Stars, an updating and radical expansion of Flamsteed 's canonical but by now inadequate catalogue of fixed stars (published in 1725).
English Short Title Catalogue.
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray, Brian Harrison, and Lawrence Goldman, editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.


4 September 1682
John Flamsteed observed from Greenwich the perihelion of the comet which now bears the name of Edmond Halley .
The name is sometimes spelled Edmund.