Joyce Grenfell

Standard Name: Grenfell, Joyce


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Friends, Associates Elizabeth Jane Howard
Her friends during the 1950s included Stephen and Natasha Spender , Alec Waugh , Margaret Lane , Malcolm Sargent , and Joyce Grenfell . She also met Cyril Connolly , Olivia Manning , Stevie Smith
Friends, Associates Ngaio Marsh
She had a wide circle of friends and contacts both in England and in New Zealand, where she knew everyone in the theatrical world. At her home in Christchurch she entertained visiting celebrities like, in...
Occupation Nina Bawden
NB sat on various literary committees: PEN International , the Society of Authors , and the Royal Society of Literature . She was president of the Society of Women Writers and Journalists , following in...
Occupation Irene Handl
By the 1950s she was well-known, had branched out into the new medium of television, and was taking on roles of increased size and importance: for instance, on stage, the medium Madame Arcati in Noel Coward
Occupation Ruth Pitter
Ruth worked in a crucible factory, an office, a machine shop. She stayed on at the factory for some months after peace was declared.
Russell, Arthur et al. “Faithful to Delight: A Portrait Sketch”. Ruth Pitter: Homage to a Poet, edited by Arthur Russell, Rapp and Whiting, pp. 19-40.
She was soon also working in popular journalism and broadcasting...


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Grenfell, Joyce et al. “The Strawberry Tray”. Ruth Pitter: Homage to a Poet, edited by Arthur Russell, Rapp and Whiting, 1969, pp. 55-7.