Mary Beard

Standard Name: Beard, Mary


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Cultural formation Hope Mirrlees
Jane Harrison is the only intimate companion linked to HM by current critics or historians. Mary Beard notes that Mirrlees was talked about in ways that pointed to her homosexuality.
Beard, Mary. The Invention of Jane Harrison. Harvard University Press, 2000.
Most of HM 's...
Family and Intimate relationships Jane Ellen Harrison
Another of JEH 's associates during this period was Roman studies scholar Eugénie Sellers . Both women had been students at Cambridge (though not quite simultaneously) and both appeared in 1883 in a London production...
Literary responses Bernardine Evaristo
Classicist Mary Beard reviewed this book for the Times Literary Supplement. She found it engaging and the mixture of twentieth-century argot and cod Latin in the rough-and-ready verse sometimes hilarious. Evaristo's sex-sodden Londinium, she...
Literary responses Jane Ellen Harrison
Recent critics, notably Mary Beard and Annabel Robinson , have considered the extent to which Harrison and several of her friends and colleagues built a myth of almost impregnable achievement and influence around her life's...
Literary responses Hope Mirrlees
Mary Beard describes this novel as [u]ncompromisingly difficult [and quite] impenetrable . . . it turns on the nature of desire, the conflict between the meaningless drip of circumstances in the outer world and the...
Author summary Hope Mirrlees
Much of the sparse information currently available on HM focuses on her lasting personal relationship with eminent scholar Jane Harrison rather than her own body of writing, which includes poetry, novels, and biographies (published and...


5 May 2016
Alexander Masters published A Life Discarded: the edited contents of 148 volumes of handwritten diaries which he and historian Dido Davies found in a skip in Cambridge in 2001, the lifelong labour of a...


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