Walter Allen

Standard Name: Allen, Walter


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Friends, Associates Olivia Manning
OM 's early friends included Celia Jordan . She met Stevie Smith in 1937, after each had a novel come out from the same publisher within months of each other. A close friendship developed which...
Literary responses Pamela Hansford Johnson
This novel marked a step forward in the public valuation of PHJ . Walter Allen called it one of the best novels of our time.
Lindblad, Ishrat. Pamela Hansford Johnson. Twayne.
It reminded him of George Eliot : he praised...
Literary responses Elizabeth Taylor
Critical responses were again violently mixed. British Book News reported that this gentle and rather melancholy narrative uses the kaleidoscopic technique Miss Taylor has used before.
British Book News. British Council.
(1953): 262
Walter Allen in the New Statesman wondered...
Literary responses Elizabeth Taylor
With this novel reviews of ET 's work began to sound more and more patronising. The Times Literary Supplement likened her settings to the safe world of Jan Struther 's Mrs Miniver (a comparison already...
Literary responses Elizabeth Taylor
British Book News judged ET to be at the top of her form in these stories,
British Book News. British Council.
(1959): 215
but they were savaged by Walter Allen , who used a damaging comparison with Jan Struther 's...
Publishing Dorothy Richardson
Ten years after DR 's death, a second and this time complete four-volume omnibus set of her Pilgrimage was published, including its thirteenth and final segment, March Moonlight, with an introduction by Walter Allen .
Fromm, Gloria G. Dorothy Richardson: A Biography. University of Illinois Press.
Reception Elizabeth Taylor
Reviewers were divided in their responses to Blaming, as they had been to some of ET 's earlier novels.
Leclercq, Florence. Elizabeth Taylor. Twayne.
Her old nemesis Walter Allen is said to have blocked its choice for the...


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