F. Anstey

Standard Name: Anstey, F.
Used Form: Thomas Anstey Guthrie


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Literary responses Charlotte O'Conor Eccles
Reviewers were delighted with the humour of this book, and provided many gratifying quotations to be reproduced in the back pages of The Matrimonial Lottery. Many likened O'Conor Eccles's novel to Vice Versa by...
Reception Charlotte Mary Brame
This book must have appeared earlier, at least in serial form, since it was mentioned in The Saturday Evening Post in September 1877 in connection with the serialization there of A Bride from the Sea...
Textual Features Amanda McKittrick Ros
The reviews contained in this volume are Lewis's Meet Irene, which was initially published in the Daily Mail of 17 November 1926, F. Anstey 's At the Sign of the Harrow, a mock...
Textual Production Amanda McKittrick Ros
T. S. Mercer posthumously published St. Scandalbags, a volume containing the essay of that title by AMKR , along with reviews of her novels by D. B. Wyndham Lewis , F. Anstey and F. H. Partington .
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Ros, Amanda McKittrick et al. St. Scandalbags. Editor Mercer, T. Stanley, Merle Press, 1954.
Mathers, Helen et al. The Fate of Fenella. Cassell, 1892.