François René, Vicomte de Chateaubriand

Standard Name: Chateaubriand, François René,,, Vicomte de
Used Form: Francois Rene, Vicomte de Chateaubriand


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Cultural formation Georgiana Fullerton
GF felt that her parents and teachers had inculcated reverence in her for religious matters, yet had left her religious education imperfect and scanty.
Craven, Pauline. Life of Lady Georgiana Fullerton. Translator Coleridge, Henry James, R. Bentley and Son.
She gives a similar upbringing in religion to the heroine...
Literary responses Sylvia Townsend Warner
By Way of Sainte-Beuve, however, was very successful. George D. Painter , biographer of Proust and Chateaubriand , wrote to STW praising her true re-creation of Proust as a new achievement in English prose...
Textual Production Jane Welsh Carlyle
In her youth Jane Welsh composed verse translations from texts by Goethe and Pierre Cardenal , and of Chateaubriand 's Atala. She also wrote a number of original short poems; two of those that...
Textual Production Isabel Hill
IH 's other translations are Chateaubriand 's The Last of the Abencerages (included, with her name, in the Standard Novels edition of Washington Irving 's Tales of the Alhambra, 1835); the same author's Sketches...


27 January 1822: The National Congress of Epidaurus declared...

National or international item

27 January 1822

The National Congress of Epidaurus declared Greek independence from Turkey; in practice, however, this was not fully achieved until 1829.


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