Edward Irving

Standard Name: Irving, Edward


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Family and Intimate relationships Jane Welsh Carlyle
In later years Irving and Jane Welsh became strongly attracted to one another; however, Irving was engaged and the romance was not pursued. Instead, Irving introduced her to his best friend: Thomas Carlyle .
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Surtees, Virginia. Jane Welsh Carlyle. Michael Russell.
Family and Intimate relationships Thomas Carlyle
In 1826 he married Jane Welsh . They were introduced in 1821 by Edward Irving , who was both her tutor and his friend. Despite her mother's disapproval, they began a courtship. Their marriage produced no children.
Friends, Associates Jane Welsh Carlyle
Oliphant went to visit the Carlyles with a view to gathering information on Edward Irving , whose biography she was writing. Although she did not meet JWC on her first visit, a few days later...
Friends, Associates Margaret Oliphant
The Carlyles had been close friends of Edward Irving , whose biography MO was preparing to write. Her hope of obtaining their help with this venture led to a significant friendship. She wrote later that...
Instructor Jane Welsh Carlyle
Jane Welsh (later JWC ) was tutored by Edward Irving , then the master of the local Mathematical School .
Surtees, Virginia. Jane Welsh Carlyle. Michael Russell.
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Textual Production Margaret Oliphant
MO published The Life of Edward Irving, founder of the sect calling itself the Catholic Apostolic Church or Irvingites.
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