Alison Donnell

Standard Name: Donnell, Alison


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Literary responses Elma Napier
Recuperative efforts by critics of Caribbean women's literature, such as Elaine Campbell , Evelyn O'Callaghan , Alison Donnell , and Sarah Lawson Welsh , have recovered EN 's work and placed it within the literary...
Reception Una Marson
Since UM 's death, critics have been slow to acknowledge her contributions to West Indian literature and to black feminism. Until the mid-1980s she received only passing notice in literary histories of the West Indies...
Reception Elma Napier
Critics Alison Donnell and Sarah Lawson Welsh , who are interested in recuperating marginalised Caribbean women's writing, provide a postcolonial reading of the story, which sees the Empress Josephine as twice colonized: she is the...


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Donnell, Alison, and Sarah Lawson Welsh, editors. The Routledge Reader in Caribbean Literature. Routledge, 1996.