Charlotte Mary Brame

Standard Name: Brame, Charlotte Mary
Birth Name: Charlotte Mary Law
Married Name: Charlotte Mary Brame
Self-constructed Name: Charlotte M. Brame
Indexed Name: Braeme, Charlotte M.
Pseudonym: Bertha M. Clay
Pseudonym: the author of Dora Thorne
Self-constructed Name: C. M. B.
Pseudonym: Florence Norton
Pseudonym: Caroline M. Burton
Popular or dime novelistCMB was a prolific author—estimates of the number of novels she produced range from thirty to two hundred or more—in the decades surrounding the turn of the twentieth century. Her score is hard to count because some of her various pseudonyms were much used by others besides herself, and some of her novels appeared in story papers but never in volume form.
American Women’s Dime Novel Project. Dime Novels for Women, 1870-1920.
She began as a short-story writer. Typically set in English aristocratic settings, her books regularly valorize nobility and excuse questionable behaviour in the name of honour. Her heroines in their romantic troubles are often described as caged wild birds or frail or broken flowers.
Image of a black and white head-and-shoulders photograph of Charlotte Mary Brame, From a simple brown frame, she stares straight at the viewer, wearing a delicate lacy dress, her hair mostly forming a crown around her head, with a frizz of curls framing her face.
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