Simon Patrick

Standard Name: Patrick, Simon


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Friends, Associates Sarah, Lady Cowper
SLC brought to the social rituals of visiting some of the same suspicious stance with which she viewed her relations. I visit Some people for the Same Causes as the Indians Worship the Devil, least...
Intertextuality and Influence Anne Francis
AF 's preliminary discourse is scholarly in tone, referencing not only Harmer but also Robert Lowth and Bishop Simon Patrick . Her final expression of modesty is humble only in face of the sublimity and...
Textual Features Anne Dowriche
AD 's chosen metre, poulter's measure, consists of alexandrines (lines of twelve syllables or six feet) alternating with lines of fourteen syllables or seven feet). She embroiders her prose sources with invented speeches for her...
Textual Production Laetitia-Matilda Hawkins
LMH compiled her Devotional Exercises Extracted from Bishop Patrick 's Christian Sacrifice, published with her initials.
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