Saint Francis Xavier

Standard Name: Francis Xavier, Saint
Used Form: St Francis Xavier


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Cultural formation Catharine Burton
The dreams came at about the time of the smallpox, and signalled the end of some years of worldliness and lack of religion. At seventeen she began to change my life, undertook penances, and special...
Material Conditions of Writing Catharine Burton
CB , now a nun called Mother Mary Xaviera of the Angels, had a vision as she sat sewing in her cell, of her patron St Francis Xavier , who bade me write, for the...
Textual Features Georgiana Fullerton
Laurentia is another of Fullerton's historical novels, in this case written with the intent of providing a picture of the Church of Japan in the sixteenth century, and to illustrate in the shape of a...
Textual Production Catharine Trotter
Biographer Anne Kelley mentions particularly among CT ' other poems her congratulatory To Mr. Congreve , on his Tragedy, The Mourning Bride (which was unfortunately too late to be published with Congreve's play) and a...


15 August 1549: St Francis Xavier landed at the port of Kagoshima...

National or international item

15 August 1549

St Francis Xavier landed at the port of Kagoshima in Japan as a missionary preacher.


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