Eric John Hobsbawm

Standard Name: Hobsbawm, Eric John


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Literary responses Alice Munro
In Britain an eager admiration of her was shared by editor Karl Miller and historian Eric Hobsbawm .
Miller, Karl. “Eric Hobsbawm”. London Review of Books, Vol.
, No. 20, p. 12.
Reviews throughout her career have been mostly appreciative, even celebratory. Christian Lorentzen struck an unwonted splenetic note...
Literary responses Harriette Wilson
Admiration of HW as a writer united historian Eric Hobsbawm and editor Karl Miller . Miller judged the memoirs a well-written serious work, as much a work of social history, a study of class and...


By : The British Communist Party had been severely...

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By summer1957

The British Communist Party had been severely reduced in numbers in face of anxieties about the political behaviour of the Soviet Union following the Hungarian Revolution of the previous October-November.


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, No. 15, pp. 12-13.
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