Charles Dibdin

Standard Name: Dibdin, Charles,, 1745 - 1814


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Literary responses Hannah Cowley
Newspapers printed allegations and counter-allegations charging More with plagiarising from Cowley and Cowley with plagiarising from More. As women dramatists they were newsworthy and ripe for satire.
Norton, J. E. “Some Uncollected Authors XVI: Hannah Cowley 1743-1809”. The Book Collector, Vol.
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Link, Frederick M., and Hannah Cowley. “Introduction”. The Plays of Hannah Cowley, Vol.
, Garland, p. v - xlxx.
Charles Dibdin presented the quarrel as...
Literary responses Hannah More
This tone did not forestall humiliating response. Charles Dibdin wrote that (though quarrels between male authors were ridiculous enough), women who publicly expose themselves to the world in defence of their literary offspring make the...
Literary responses Catharine Trotter
Nineteenth-century literary historians—Charles Dibdin , John Doran , Jane Williams —tended, though from different viewpoints, to subordinate her writings to her supposed personal characteristics.
Clark, Constance. Three Augustan Women Playwrights. Peter Lang.
More disappointingly, a feminist literary historian of the early...
Textual Production Hannah Cowley
HC soon became a woman of the theatre. She wrote prologues and epilogues for others, and contributed a scene to Charles Dibdin 's pantomime The Touchstone; or, Harlequin Traveller, which opened at Covent Garden


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