Stanley Morison

Standard Name: Morison, Stanley


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To celebrate its forty thousandth number, The Times published a supplement on the history of printing and the newspaper press.
January 1913
The Imprint, a short-lived but influential monthly on technical aspects of printing, was started by Gerard Meynell of Westminster Press .
The Cloister Press was founded by C. W. Hobson at Heaton Mersey, near Manchester.
Probably 1922
Stanley Morison was appointed typographical advisor to Monotype Corporation .
The first issue of The Fleuron, a magazine devoted to the history and practice of typography, was published.
Arrighi type was used for the first time in Robert Bridges ' Tapestry, privately printed by F. W. and S. M. (Frederick Warde and Stanley Morison ).
3 October 1932
The Times first used the Times New Roman type-face, designed by Stanley Morison .