Gifford Lewis

Standard Name: Lewis, Gifford


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Cultural formation Eva Gore-Booth
EGB came from a Protestant family but broke with that tradition in favour of many other spiritual pursuits. Biographer Gifford Lewis writes: even before her teens she had become, in Christian terms, godless and her...
Family and Intimate relationships Eva Gore-Booth
In her dual biography of Gore-Booth and Roper, published in 1988, Gifford Lewis situates the women in the romantic friendship tradition, arguing that their relationship was not sexual but based rather on personal affinities and...
politics Eva Gore-Booth
Among other responsibilities here, Gore-Booth ensured the eligibility of female students for scholarships awarded by the Municipal School of Technology (a campaign directed against a double standard for men and women). Gifford Lewis observes that...
Textual Features Eva Gore-Booth
Several of these poems concern people and places that figured significantly in her recent experiences. EGB dedicated The Travellers to E.G.R.; it recalls her first meeting with Esther Roper , who was to be...
Textual Production Molly Keane
MK wrote a foreword for Gifford Lewis 's selection from the letters of Somerville and Ross , published in 1989.
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Textual Production Martin Ross
Wilde, however, refused other work from them. As the years of their collaboration went on, they produced, says their biographer Maurice Collis , an absorption: not by one writer of the other, but of the...


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Lewis, Gifford. Eva Gore-Booth and Esther Roper: A Biography. Pandora Press, 1988.
Lewis, Gifford. Somerville and Ross: The World of the Irish R. M. Viking, 1985.