Caroline Spurgeon

Standard Name: Spurgeon, Caroline


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Reception Cicely Hamilton
This novel was awarded the Prix Femina Vie Heureuse in early 1920.
Hamilton, Cicely. Life Errant. J. M. Dent and Sons.
The Times announcement of the award mentioned that it was worth £40 and that a committee (with Marie Belloc Lowndes as president...
Textual Features Anne Ridler
Her introduction to the first selection, she said later, was more influenced by Coleridge than by Charles Williams .
Ridler, Anne. Memoirs. The Perpetua Press, p. 240 pp.
It was an important feature of the volume, ranging itself alongside such prestigious Shakespeare critics...


1849: Bedford College, initially known as the Ladies'...

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Bedford College , initially known as the Ladies' College in Bedford Square, or Mrs Reid's Ladies College , was founded.

20 March 1907: Sara Burstall, headmistress of Manchester...

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20 March 1907

Sara Burstall , headmistress of Manchester High School for Girls , chaired a meeting in the school's library in Manchester which resulted in the founding of the British Federation of University Women .

1913: Caroline Spurgeon became the first woman...

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Caroline Spurgeon became the first woman professor in Britain when she was named Professor of English Literature at Bedford College .

11 July 1919: University women from Britain, the USA, and...

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11 July 1919

University women from Britain, the USA, and Canada met in London to plan the founding of the International Federation of University Women, which held an inaugural conference at Bedford College , London, in 1920.

1928: Members of the British Federation of University...

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Members of the British Federation of University Women (later known as the British Federation of Women Graduates ) established the Sybil Campbell Libraryfor the study of the expansion of the role of women in recent generations.


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