Flora Robson

Standard Name: Robson, Flora


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Friends, Associates Muriel Box
During her time in Welwyn, MB became a friend of Flora Robson , for whom celebrity still lay far in the future. She also had a fascinating and instructive meeting with Shaw when she and...
Literary responses Lesley Storm
The play received rave reviews in England. The reviewer for the Times wrote: The Dialogue is consistently neat and pointed, and tense situations open smoothly into situations yet more tense; the Evening News...
Performance of text Lesley Storm
LS 's two-act play Favonia was produced and published in England in 1958.
“Contemporary Authors”. Gale Databases: Literature Resource Centre-LRC.
Flora Robson took a leading role in another of LS 's plays, Time and Yellow Roses, when it first appeared in...
Reception Queen Elizabeth I
Rosemary Hill has contrasted two of the many film Elizabeths as reflecting their times. In Fire Over England, 1937, Flora Robson played a majestic and belligerent Elizabeth defeating the Armada; in Young Bess...
Textual Production Muriel Box
Her new name, Muriel Box (so far owed to deed-poll not to marriage), appeared both on the title-page and under a frontispiece cartoon portrait of them both in profile. The copyright was listed in the...
Textual Production Lesley Storm
LS 's best-known play, Black Chiffon, had its premiere in London at the Westminster Theatre . It ran for over 400 performances. The celebrated Flora Robson played the lead role.
Morgan, Fidelis, editor. The Years Between: Plays by Women on the London Stage 1900-1950. Virago.
Ravenhall, Chris. “Lesley Storm’s <span data-tei-ns-tag="tei_title" data-tei-title-lvl=‘m’>Three Goose Quills and a Knife</span>: A Burns Play Rediscovered”. Studies in Scottish Literature, Vol.
, pp. 46-54.
Textual Production Lesley Storm
LS 's next play, Great Day, which opened on Broadway at the Playhouse Theatre on 14 March 1945, grew out of her journalism dealing with Eleanor Roosevelt 's war-time visit to England in October...


By 28 November 1934: The young Flora Robson, in A Letter to a...

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By 28 November 1934

The young Flora Robson , in A Letter to a Young Actress, contributed as a preface to Ladies Only by Muriel and Sydney Box , provided a fascinating account of women's part in amateur...


Robson, Flora et al. “A Letter to a Young Actress”. Ladies Only, George G. Harrap, 1934, pp. 7-10.