John Davidson

Standard Name: Davidson, John


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Education Nina Hamnett
NH adapted to her new surroundings, made friends with other likeminded artists, and passed her spare time at large fancy-dress parties..She became close friends with another artist named Valentine Savage , whose studio in Chelsea...
Friends, Associates George Egerton
After the success of her Keynotes, GE became acquainted with the literary and intellectual world. Among her new acquaintances she expressed admiration for Havelock Ellis but called W. B. Yeats a poseur.
Egerton, George. A Leaf from the Yellow Book. Editor White, Terence de Vere, Richards Press.
Publishing Pauline Johnson
The association with Lane was the outcome of PJ 's visit to London. She secured him as her publisher after a recommendation from critic Clement Scott , and positive responses to her work by John Davidson
Textual Production Evelyn Sharp
Lane accepted the novel in November 1894 for his series called after George Egerton 's Keynotes.
John, Angela V. Evelyn Sharp: Rebel Woman, 1869–1955. Manchester University Press.
It appeared on the recommendation of Lane's readers John Davidson and Richard Le Gallienne , with Aubrey Beardsley


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