Tessa Hadley

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Education Antonia White
Tessa Hadley speculates that something dreadful and traumatic happened to AW at school, which marked her for life—obsessed her and damaged her. The experience prevented her from writing for years. At last, however, it drove...
Literary responses Pat Barker
Reviewer Lara Feigel found that PB 's allusions to actual, historical people (Paul sharing sentiments, his place of work, the circumstances of his falling in love, with Graham Greene ; Elinor owing something to Elizabeth Bowen
Literary responses Jane Gardam
Hugo Lindgren , writing in the New York Times, praised JG 's perceptive and fluid prose. This, he wrote, feels mentally healthful, exiling the noise and clutter of your mind; it reconciled him...
Literary responses Jane Gardam
Hadley devoted much of her review to the structure of the trilogy as a whole: an ambitious and complex portrait of extraordinary times. Since each book retells the story from a vantage point in the...
Literary responses Elizabeth Jane Howard
Ruth Scurr in the Telegraph judged EJH to be as impressive a writer as ever in this novel, and instanced her handling of dialogue among children.
Scurr, Ruth. “All Change, by Elizabeth Jane Howard, review”. The Telegraph.
Lettie Ransley in the Guardian wrote that this was...
Literary responses Pamela Hansford Johnson
Tessa Hadley (not an admirer of PHJ 's work) called this book unfailingly self-serving but at least intermittently gritty with the oddity of real life.
Hadley, Tessa. “He wants me no more”. London Review of Books, Vol.
, No. 2, pp. 29-30.
Literary responses Pamela Hansford Johnson
Wendy Pollard , who published a biography of her in 2014, was admiringly enthusiastic about PHJ 's writing; Tessa Hadley , who reviewed the biography, held a much lower opinion. Johnson's style, wrote Hadley, was...


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