Margaret Sandbach

Standard Name: Sandbach, Margaret
Birth Name: Margaret Roscoe
Married Name: Margaret Sandbach
Indexed Name: Mrs Henry R. Sandbach
MS 's literary career was truncated after only eleven years by her battle with breast cancer. During the mid-nineteenth century she published six works, including poetry, fiction, and two verse dramas.


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Family and Intimate relationships Frances Power Cobbe
Lloyd was the daughter of the squire of Rhagatt in Merionethshire, Wales; a maiden aunt in the family had been a friend of the Ladies of Llangollen (Eleanor Butler and Sarah Ponsonby )...
Family and Intimate relationships Mary Anne Jevons
MAJ 's niece Margaret Roscoe Sandbach became another writer. Her nephew William Caldwell Roscoe was a poet and essayist.
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under William Roscoe
Friends, Associates Elizabeth Rigby
ER appeared in public as Mrs Eastlake for the first time at the house of Lady Davy , where she was introduced to Augusta Ada Byron (Byron's daughter) and to Thackeray . At London parties...
Textual Production Elizabeth Rigby
She included a memoir, in which she drew heavily on the correspondence between Gibson and Margaret Sandbach (a writer and also one of her friends).


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