Catherine Cuthbertson

Standard Name: Cuthbertson, Catherine
Birth Name: Catherine Cuthbertson
Pseudonym: The Author of The Romance of the Pyrenees
Pseudonym: The Author of Santo Sebastiano
Pseudonym: The Author of The Hut and the Castle
CC is a fairly conventional novelist of the early nineteenth century. Her seven novels have historically realised settings (often in continental Europe), and happy endings for virtuous upper-class characters. The lower classes (often Irish) provide comic relief, until they engage in rebellion, when they arouse horror. She may probably be the author of a play performed in 1793 as well.


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Textual Production Helen Craik
HC , as the Author of Adelaide de Narbonne, published Stella of the North; or, The Foundling of the Ship: A Novel, in four volumes with Minerva Press .
A manuscript note in...
Textual Production Helen Craik
This appeared in four volumes from the Minerva Press . Its title seems to be the root source of scholarly confusion of HC with Catherine Cuthbertson . HC was clearly familiar with Helen Maria Williams


9 June 1819: The library of the late Queen Charlotte was...

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9 June 1819

The library of the late Queen Charlotte was auctioned by Christie's ; it included Jane Austen 's works, plus titles by Catherine Cuthbertson , Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire , Christian Isobel Johnstone , Alethea Lewis


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