Clare McFarlane

Standard Name: McFarlane, Clare


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Health Una Marson
In April 1946, UM 's English friend Stella Mead noticed that Marson was not doing well psychologically, and arranged for the writer Clare McFarlane to take her back to Jamaica with him. Suffering from depression...
Literary responses Una Marson
Critic Delia Jarrett-Macauley judges the poems in this collection to be UM 's most vital and perceptive and argues that its appearance should have been a turning point for [UM ] in the West...
Literary responses Una Marson
This play was hailed in Kingston as a landmark event in the development of a Jamaican national drama. The Jamaica Times pronounced it a landmark in what we hope to refer to in the future...
Reception Una Marson
UM began during her lifetime to receive some recognition for her literary achievements (apart from reviews). In 1956 the Jamaican poet Clare McFarlane devoted a chapter to her in A Literature in the Making...
Textual Production Una Marson
Her decision to publish in Jamaica was unusual. At this time, Jamaican writers tended to seek publication in London, even though success was rare. The first complete volume of Jamaican poetry to be issued by...


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