Everett F. Bleiler

Standard Name: Bleiler, Everett F.


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Literary responses Susan Hill
Reviewer Everett F. Bleiler called this one of the strongest stories of supernatural horror that I have read in many years, and said it felt like a belated addition to the popular genre of the...
Publishing Charlotte Riddell
This annual was illustrated by Randolph Caldecott (whose sombre drawing of the autumnal, dusky Essex marshes was much admired by S. M. Ellis ).
Ellis, Stewart Marsh. Wilkie Collins, Le Fanu, and Others. Books for Libraries Press, 1931.
Fairy Water was re-issued as an independent work in 1878...
Publishing James Malcolm Rymer
The speed at which bloods were produced at Lloyd 's presses, described by E. F. Bleiler as akin to devils flying back and forth between desk and typecast, did not allow for much external editing—if...
Publishing James Malcolm Rymer
A Dover edition appeared in 1972, with an introduction by E. F. Bleiler .
Reception Charlotte Riddell
CR 's shorter supernatural fiction was brought together in 1977 in The Collected Ghost Stories of Mrs. J.H. Riddell, edited by E. F. Bleiler . James L. Campbell writes that in general CR 's...
Textual Features James Malcolm Rymer
The penny dreadful genre borrowed much from the chapbook tradition both in textual production and readership, as well as from the gothic, depicting scenes of violent crime, horror, and the supernatural. E. F. Bleiler ...


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