Marie-Therese-Louise, princesse de Lamballe

Standard Name: Lamballe, Marie-Therese-Louise,,, princesse de


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politics Grace Elliott
On 10 August, the day of the second attack on the Tuileries, GE heard that nobody was allowed to leave Paris, but she escaped through a breach in the city walls to her house...


17 December 1779
It was disapprovingly noted what immense sums of public money Marie-Antoinette was paying to her personal friend the comtesse de Polignac .
22 August 1791
Marie-Antoinette wrote to her friend the princesse de Lamballe , persuading the princess to stay away from her for the sake of the safety of both of them.
3 September 1792
Marie-Antoinette 's friend the princesse de Lamballe was guillotined, and her death manipulated to torture the queen as well as herself.