Ling Shuhua

Standard Name: Ling Shuhua
Birth Name: Ruitang Shuhua Ling
A writer and visual artist active primarily between the 1920s and 1950s, LS published short stories, essays, translations, and a memoir whose reception was shaped by frequently restrictive expectations for women writers of her time. She spent her life in several Asian and European countries, contributing primarily to Chinese and British literary cultures. She and her writing are associated with two creative communities: the Crescent Moon Society and Bloomsbury Group . Her manuscipts and correspondence are in archives around the world.
Somewhat blurry black and white photograph of Shuhua Ling, leaning back in a chair, holding an open book with large pages. Her hair is straight, jaw-length, and brushed back; she is wearing a pleated dress with a high neck.
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