Elizabeth Postuma Simcoe

Standard Name: Simcoe, Elizabeth Postuma
Birth Name: Elizabeth Postuma Gwillim
Indexed Name: Elizabeth Posthuma Simcoe
Self-constructed Name: Mrs John Graves Simcoe
EPS was a diarist and letter-writer whose opportunities as an early traveller and reporter in Canada at the end of the eighteenth century have made her writing remembered.
Photograph of an oval drawing of Elizabeth Postuma Simcoe by Mary Anne Burges. shown from the shoulders up, wearing a simple light brown dress with a white bib at the front , and a tall blue hat with a wide brim and a bow tied around it.
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17 September 1792
When the legislature of Upper Canada first met, at Newark (now Niagara-on-the-Lake), the Lieutenant-Governor,John Graves Simcoe proposed a method for ending slavery in the colony.