James Annesley

Standard Name: Annesley, James


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Family and Intimate relationships Dorothea Du Bois
The Dublin jury found for the claimant James Annesley , cousin of Dorothea Annesley (later DDB ), in his case about titles, including the earldom of Anglesey, which had been unlawfully appropriated by her father
Family and Intimate relationships Dorothea Du Bois
In a postscript to his inheritance case, DDB 's father was convicted of assault against the successful claimant, James Annesley , whom he had previously kidnapped.
Cokayne, George Edward. The Complete Peerage of England, Scotland, Ireland, Great Britain and the United Kingdom, extant, extinct, or dormant. Editor Gibbs, Vicary, St Catherine Press.
under Anglesey
Family and Intimate relationships Dorothea Du Bois
DDB 's father had already eliminated the potential rival claimant to both the Altham and the Anglesey titles, James Annesley , by selling him into indentures in America. James spent thirteen years in what amounted...
Family and Intimate relationships Selina Davenport
Her father, Captain Charles Granville Wheler , was a great-nephew of Sir George Wheler , a traveller, clergyman, scholar, and early member of the Royal Society , who had a family estate in Kent. (...
Family and Intimate relationships Dorothea Du Bois
The fourth Lord Altham died; his title went to a cousin, who as Lord Altham was to become DDB 's father , and who had cleared his way to the title by having his predecessor's...
Family and Intimate relationships Dorothea Du Bois
DDB 's father , known as Earl of Anglesey, allegedly made plans for decamping to France following the arrival in England of James Annesley , whose titles he had appropriated.
Gentleman’s Magazine. Various publishers.
14 (1744): 602
Textual Production Eliza Haywood
The anonymous Memoirs of an Unfortunate Young Nobleman appeared; it was first ascribed to EH by her bibliographer Patrick Spedding . Dealing with the notorious Annesley case, it became one of her great hits.
Spedding, Patrick. A Bibliography of Eliza Haywood. Pickering and Chatto.
Textual Production Elizabeth Boyd
The title continues, Occasion'd by a certain nobleman 's cruel usage of his nephew . Done extempore. Five hundred copies were printed by Henry Woodfall in January 1744, and sold to the author for £1...


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