Paula R. Backscheider

Standard Name: Backscheider, Paula R.
Used Form: Paula Backscheider


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Family and Intimate relationships Eliza Haywood
Nothing is known of EH 's mother except her probable name, Mary.
Blouch, Christine. “Eliza Haywood and the Romance of Obscurity”. Studies in English Literature, Vol.
, pp. 535-52.
EH has been thought to be a daughter of London shopkeepers Robert and Elizabeth Fowler; but literary historian Christine Blouch has argued...
Intertextuality and Influence Eliza Haywood
EH 's socio-political allegory stands virtually alone in her oeuvre in its attempt to reproduce the political instrumentality of Manley 's scandal fiction during the reign of Anne.
Ballaster, Ros. Seductive Forms. Women’s Amatory Fiction from 1684 to 1740. Clarendon Press.
In its witty preface EH presents...
Intertextuality and Influence Eliza Haywood
A more recent generation of feminist scholars has succeeded in locating EH in the developing tradition of women's fiction. Critic Mary Anne Schofield has argued that her heroines are feisty feminists. Paula Backscheider points out...
Literary responses Elizabeth Singer Rowe
Melanie Bigold has argued the primary importance of the letter form in ESR 's output, noting that much of her poetry after her early years is embedded in prose structures.
Bigold, Melanie. “Elizabeth Rowe’s Fictional and Familiar Letters: Exemplarity, Enthusiasm, and the Production of Posthumous Meaning”. Journal for Eighteenth-Century Studies, Vol.
, No. 1, pp. 1-14.
Paula R. Backscheider ...
Author summary Elizabeth Singer Rowe
ESR wrote witty, topical, satirical poetry during the 1690s, followed later in life by letters, essays, fiction (often epistolary), and a wide range of poetic modes, often though not invariably with a moral or religious...
Publishing Elizabeth Singer Rowe
Paula R. Backscheider has noted the extraordinary popularity of this three-volume publication as measured in numbers of editions or re-issues: seventy-nine by 1825, eighty-nine by 1840, and in every decade from the 1730s to the...
Reception Dorothea Primrose Campbell
DPC 's poems are not easily accessible. Only one was included by George Washington Bethune in his Philadelphia anthology The British Female Poets, 1848 (during her lifetime), and one by Paula R. Backscheider in...
Reception Eliza Haywood
EH 's fiction is well served by modern editions (many individual titles, and a collected volume of Selected Fiction and Drama of Eliza Haywood edited by Paula Backscheider ). Moreover, her non-fictional prose has also...
Reception Elizabeth Singer Rowe
Since the re-awakening of interest in women's writing in the late twentieth century, ESR has received less attention than she deserves, perhaps because of a tendency to pigeon-hole her as a religious writer, but...
Textual Features Catharine Trotter
The plot depends on the fact that the hero and heroine, Grammont or Gramont and Felicia, lacking money to marry, have done so in secret and even had a child. They are both pressured to...
Textual Features Catharine Trotter
This comedy centres on three female characters. Its Lesbia is seduced and has been abandoned, but achieves a somewhat compromised happy ending after other characters vote for her to marry her seducer, the now supposedly...
Textual Production Lucy Aikin
Though LA continued to write for children, and edited various writings by her aunt and her father , she did not think of herself as a writer in the same sense that they were. Her...
Textual Production Eliza Haywood
A weekly periodical called The Parrot ran for four numbers, as the work of a widow, Mrs Prattle, née Tell-Tale. Sometimes ascribed to EH , it is probably not by her.
Paula R. Backscheider


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