Hugh O'Neill, second Earl of Tyrone

Standard Name: Tyrone, Hugh O'Neill,,, second Earl of


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Textual Production Queen Elizabeth I
QEI 's latest surviving dated writing is a letter to Charles Blount, Lord Mountjoy (later Earl of Devon), regarding the Irish rebel leader, Hugh O'Neill, Lord Tyrone .
Elizabeth I, Queen. Elizabeth I: Collected Works. Editors Marcus, Leah S. et al., University of Chicago Press.


August 1598: Full-scale revolt against English rule (that...

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August 1598

Full-scale revolt against English rule (that is, rule over the Roman Catholic Church majority by a newly-settled Anglican elite) broke out in Ireland in the form of Tyrone's Rebellion, led by Hugh O'Neill, Earl of Tyrone .

March 1599: Queen Elizabeth sent her young favourite...

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March 1599

Queen Elizabeth sent her young favourite the Earl of Essex to Ireland as Lord Lieutenant with a large army to crush Tyrone 's Rebellion.

23 March 1603: The English conquest of Ireland was completed...

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23 March 1603

The English conquest of Ireland was completed when Hugh O'Neill submitted to the English forces there; he would not have done this had he known of the imminent death of Queen Elizabeth .

September 1607: Hugh O'Neill's rebellion in Ireland came...

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September 1607

Hugh O'Neill 's rebellion in Ireland came to a final end with the Flight of the Earls: this was the last stand of Gaelic Ireland against the colonising English.


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