King Henry III

Standard Name: Henry III, King


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Textual Features Ellis Cornelia Knight
In the introduction ECK situates herself in relation to those historians who have ably performed their task, and who will not refuse us their permission to follow as humble gleaners, collecting a few wild flowers...
Textual Features Celia Moss
In the opening sequence of Neela, A Tale of the Jews in England (set during the reign of Henry III shortly after the brutal reprisals exacted from the Jewish community for the alleged murder of...
Textual Production Ellis Cornelia Knight
ECK published in two volumes the historical novel Sir Guy de Lusignan. A Tale of Italy, which was set in the thirteenth century during the last of the crusades, in the reign of Henry III


19 October 1216
King John died and Henry III succeeded to the throne.
Cambridge University was granted its first charter, by Henry III .
20 January 1265
Simon de Montfort , statesman and leader of a rebellion against King Henry III (his brother-in-law), summoned an assembly, including two knights from each county and two elected representatives of each borough, to bolster support...
Late 1272
Edward I heard of his succession to the English throne (on the death of Henry III on 16 November) while travelling home from the final crusade.
The first insane patients were held at old Bedlam , which had been established as a hospital after King Henry III confiscated the religious priory of St Mary of Bethlem .


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