Anne Oldfield

Standard Name: Oldfield, Anne


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Dedications Eliza Haywood
Chetwood (who published a number of women writers) dedicated the first, anonymous volume to the actress Anne Oldfield .
Haywood, Eliza. Love in Excess. Editor Oakleaf, David, Broadview.
A man, also anonymous, contributed a prefatory poem saying that EH had cured him of...
Friends, Associates Susanna Centlivre
SC 's friends included the dramatist George Farquhar , the actress Anne Oldfield , the writers Abel Boyer , Tom Brown , Sarah Fyge , Sarah, Lady Piers , and all the other women writing...
Occupation Christopher St John
CSJ had performed at a private party as a child, cross-dressed, by singing a comic popular song. As Christabel Marshall she had performed with the Stage Society at the Garrick Theatre in London in Gilbert Murray
Occupation Charlotte Charke
CC made her stage debut, as Madamoiselle in Vanbrugh 's Provok'd Wife, by personal request of the leading actress Anne Oldfield , and for Oldfield's benefit night.
The London Stage 1660-1800. Southern Illinois University Press.
3: 48
Baruth, Philip E. “Who Is Charlotte Charke?”. Introducing Charlotte Charke: Actress, Author, Enigma, edited by Philip E. Baruth, University of Illinois Press, pp. 9-62.
Textual Features Eliza Haywood
This work adopts the voice of a man calling himself J. B., who decries his own abilities at narrative or character-drawing, but enters with enthusiasm into the business of spying on sexual misbehaviour, until he...
Textual Features Cicely Hamilton
The pageant required more than fifty actresses, only three of whom had speaking parts, to portray famous women from history (not all of them remembered today). In the initial, Scala production, the only speaking role...
Textual Production Susanna Centlivre
SC complimented Anne Oldfield 's acting in Addison 's Cato, with a poem written in Oldfield's copy of Fontenelle 's Plurality of Worlds.
Bowyer, John Wilson. The Celebrated Mrs Centlivre. Duke University Press.
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Christopher St John
The First Actress draws an implicit parallel between the admission of women to the vote and their admission to stage acting at the Restoration. Peggy Hughes , presented as first woman in the London professional...


1710: Anne Oldfield, leading actress, was viciously...

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Anne Oldfield , leading actress, was viciously attacked as promiscuous and power-hungry in a pamphlet, A Justification of the Letter to John Stanley.


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