John Lingard

Standard Name: Lingard, John


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Literary responses Emily Lawless
First reviews of With Essex in Ireland were mixed. The New York Tribune felt the work to be uneven, partly on account of Harvey's narration and partly for lack of an adequately engaging plot.
New York Tribune.
(28 December 1890): 14
Textual Features Georgiana Fullerton
In constrasting these two women, Fullerton characterises Anne as circumspect, and Constance as confident and spontaneous. According to Kathleen Grant Jaeger , their differing religious upbringings are also central to their characters, as unlike Anne...


5 February 1771
John Lingard , historian and Roman Catholic priest, was born at Winchester in Hampshire.
May 1819
John Lingard , a Roman Catholic priest, published the first three volumes of his influential History of England.
17 July 1851
John Lingard , historian and Roman Catholic priest, died at Hornby in the North Riding of Yorkshire.


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