Gerhard Mercator

Standard Name: Mercator, Gerhard


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Textual Features Jane Squire
JS begins her account by giving the longitude of Bethlehemat the Time our Lord Jesus Christ vouchsafed there to be born for us.
Squire, Jane. A Proposal for Discovering Our Longitude. Printed for the author, and sold by P. Vaillant and F. Needham, 1742.
Gerhard Mercator , the famous sixteenth-century cartographer, had also chosen...


Gerhard Mercator published his famous map of the world (the Mercator Projection, which at the price of some inaccuracy of scale, depicts the spherical globe as a flat surface).
The engraver Abraham Ortelius published the first world atlas based on scientific measurements, Theatrum Orbis Terrarum; Gerhard Mercator followed with his Atlas, 1585-1595, which gave the genre its current name.