David, King of Israel

Standard Name: David,, King of Israel


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Cultural formation Elisabeth Wast
She wrote that she wondered what they meant, that say, Religion is a melancholly Thing; I can see Nothing but Joy. I was with David singing, My Mountain stands strong, I shall never be moved...
Intertextuality and Influence Andrea Levy
The essay, Back to my Own Country, considers the ways in which writing has helped AL to understand herself and her heritage (of which, she says, many Caribbean Britons are ignorant because information is...
Intertextuality and Influence Joan Whitrow
She likens her address to the monarch here to the future king David 's power, as a boy, to sooth the troubled king Saul in the Old Testament: as blatantly self-confident an association as...
Literary responses Mary Sidney Herbert, Countess of Pembroke
The fact that Mary Sidney did not print the psalms, as she did her brother's poems, says something about her attitudes both to print and to her own ranked and gendered identity as an author...
Textual Features Elizabeth Bathurst
The collection begins with Sarah, wife of Abraham, and moves on through twenty-one listings of renowned
Bathurst, Elizabeth. The Sayings of Women. Andrew Sowle.
Old Testament women. Each is introduced with the statement: We find . . . .
Bathurst, Elizabeth. The Sayings of Women. Andrew Sowle.
EB 's...
Textual Features Maria De Fleury
She heads her work with the quotation What think ye of Christ? (a question which St Matthew's Gospel reports Jesus as asking the Pharisees, arguably as a kind of trick), and adds, admiringly, others from...
Textual Production Marion Moss
After this celebration of David 's victories and his succession to the throne (the second in a series of Jewish Lyrics) comes a song welcoming the peace and another about a maiden whose lover...
Textual Production Anne Ridler
The Jesse Tree, a masque by AR , was published. It was written for acting in Dorchester Abbey, which boasts a Jesse Window representing in stained glass the genealogical descent of Christ from...


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