Saul, King of Israel

Standard Name: Saul,, King of Israel


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Intertextuality and Influence Joan Whitrow
She likens her address to the monarch here to the future king David 's power, as a boy, to sooth the troubled king Saul in the Old Testament: as blatantly self-confident an association as...
Publishing Helen Waddell
As an undergraduate in Belfast, HW wrote poetry and delivered rousing addresses as President of the Christian Union .
Waddell, Helen. “Acknowledgements; Note; Introduction”. Between Two Eternities, edited by Felicitas Corrigan, Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, pp. viii - ix, 1.
During the painful years before she became a graduate student at Somerville College ...
Textual Features Sarah, Lady Cowper
SLC flags some items of her own under Observe by beginning them I observe. In a series about books of the Bible she comments in some detail on the behaviour of King Saul and...


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