Guglielma Penn

Standard Name: Penn, Guglielma


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Family and Intimate relationships Mary Penington
They used no ring, that being against their religious views,
Skidmore, Gil, and Mary Penington. “Preface”. Experiences in the Life of Mary Penington, edited by Norman Penney and Norman Penney, Friends Historical Society, p. vii - xvii.
and many of the usual, dark, formal words were left out of the ceremony.
Penington, Mary. Experiences in the Life of Mary Penington. Editor Penney, Norman, Friends Historical Society.
Mary had said she would not marry unless the...
Family and Intimate relationships Mary Penington
MP 's daughter Gulielma became the first wife of the well-known Quaker William Penn .
Friends, Associates Margaret Fell
A number of early Quakers became lifelong friends and fellow-workers with MF . She met James Naylor or Nayler and Richard Farnsworth not long after she met George Fox .
Kunze, Bonnelyn Young. Margaret Fell and the Rise of Quakerism. Macmillan.
She also enjoyed a...
Residence Dorothy Wellesley
She said the house's little faĉade was perfect, and the rocks were real, large, and primeval. It had once belonged to Guglielma Penn , wife of the famous Quaker William Penn and daughter (though Wellesley...
Travel Mary Penington
MP travelled through Kent, past Gravesend to The Downs, with her husband , her daughter Gulielma or Gully, and Margaret Fox (formerly Fell) , to see George Fox off on a preaching voyage.


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