Ahmad Ibn Muhammad Al-Raisuni

Standard Name: Al-Raisuni, Ahmad Ibn Muhammad


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Textual Features Rosita Forbes
Forbes's interviewee, a brigand and a powerful political manager in Morocco (which was currently a Spanish protectorate), masterminded more than one strategic kidnapping of a westerner. She preserves the biblical flavour which El Raisuni 's...
Textual Production Rosita Forbes
In El Raisuni : the Sultan of the Mountains, RF published the results of long hours interviewing her subject about himself and his life: the substance of this book, except for her introduction, derives from him.
Mavrogordato, E. E. “The Story of Raisuli”. Times Literary Supplement, No. 1165, p. 297.
Travel Rosita Forbes
Both of them continued to be great travellers, together or separately. A visit which RF planned to Yemen (again in the guise of Khadija) in 1922 was supposed to lead on to a crossing of...


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