Margaret Ethel Gladstone MacDonald

Standard Name: MacDonald, Margaret Ethel Gladstone


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Friends, Associates Mary Gawthorpe
During her time with the WSPU, MG worked with Christabel Pankhurst (who was twenty-four when Gawthorpe first met her, before she had yet met Isabella Ford ), whom, like Ethel Snowden , she knew from...
Friends, Associates Alison Uttley
AU 's friends from university years included GL (Gwladys Llewellyn , later a teacher) and LM (Lily Meagher ), who both remained unmarried. Another was Gertrude Uttley . In London she became a...


9 March 1906: The Women's Labour League was founded by...

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9 March 1906

The Women's Labour League was founded by Mary Fenton MacPherson and Margaret MacDonald ; the WLL provided campaign support for Labour candidates but was not offically connected to the Labour Party until 1908.

January 1911: The League Leaflet, a magazine for members...

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January 1911

The League Leaflet, a magazine for members of the Women's Labour League , began publication in London.


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