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Education Toni Morrison
Chloe Wofford (later TM ) followed her BA with an MA in English Literature from Cornell University , with a thesis on suicide in Virginia Woolf and William Faulkner .
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Friends, Associates Eudora Welty
EW 's friendship with her fellow Mississippian William Faulkner began from an impromptu postcard he sent her from Hollywood in 1943: Dear Welty: You are doing fine. You are doing all right. . ....
Intertextuality and Influence Edna O'Brien
Among American writers, female and male, O'Brien particularly admires William Faulkner , Carson McCullers , Flannery O'Connor , and Eudora Welty .
Guppy, Shusha et al. “Edna O’Brien”. Women Writers at Work: The <span data-tei-ns-tag="tei_title" data-tei-title-lvl="j">Paris Review</span> Interviews, edited by George Plimpton and George Plimpton, Viking, pp. 337-59.
Literary responses Carson McCullers
Among original reviewers, Richard Wright judged that McCullers had captured the bleak landscape of the American consciousness below the Mason-Dixon line in a manner more natural and authentic than that of Faulkner .
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4 June 2015
Literary responses Ethel Wilson
Feminist responses to EW 's work emerged in the 1970s. Maggie Lloyd Vardoe's decision to leave a loveless marriage and independently pursue a more fulfilling one was lauded as radical for its time. In the...
Textual Features Flannery O'Connor
Brad Gooch says that of all her work this is most marked by the impress of William Faulkner (whose French publisher for Gallimard was at this date working on O'Connor's first novel).
Gooch, Brad. Flannery. Little, Brown and Co.
Her protagonist...
Textual Production Zoë Fairbairns
The preface says that the volume does not pretend to offer answers or solutions. Nor does it attempt to promote a particular political position.
Ebersole, Lucinda, and Richard Peabody. “Preface”. Coming to Terms: A Literary Response to Abortion, edited by Lucinda Ebersole and Richard Peabody, The New Press, p. xiii - xiv.
It includes a diverse array of writers including Alice Walker


31 January 1929: William Faulkner issued Sartoris, the first...

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31 January 1929

William Faulkner issued Sartoris, the first of the novels which he set in the Yoknapatawpha County, a fictional area of Mississippi which became his trademark.

26 October 1936: William Faulkner published Absalom! Absalom!,...

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26 October 1936

William Faulkner published Absalom! Absalom!, the sixth of his series of novels set in the fictional Yoknapatawpha county, Mississippi, which had begun with Sartoris in 1929.
Borne Back Daily. http://borneback.com/ .
26 October 2012

4 June 1940: The twenty-three-year-old Carson McCullers...

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4 June 1940

The twenty-three-year-old Carson McCullers won a chorus of praise with her first novel, The Heart is a Lonely Hunter, centred on a young white girl growing up in the racist American south.

10 December 1950: Bertrand Russell from Great Britain was awarded...

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10 December 1950

Bertrand Russell from Great Britain was awarded this year's Nobel Prize in Literature in recognition of his varied and significant writings in which he champions humanitarian ideals and freedom of thought.
The Nobel Foundation,. Nobel E-Museum.


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