John Amos Comenius

Standard Name: Comenius, John Amos


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Friends, Associates Bathsua Makin
BM 's brother-in-law John Pell called her a woman of great acquaintance.
Teague, Frances. Bathsua Makin, Woman of Learning. Bucknell University Press.
She was a lifelong friend of diarist and antiquarian Sir Simonds D'Ewes , who had been at her father's school, and of...
Occupation Bathsua Makin
the interregnum period.) Meanwhile she probably combined teaching the princess (who must have had ability, since at nine she had some grasp of Latin, Greek, Hebrew, French, and Italian) with taking other pupils, including grandchildren...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Bathsua Makin
Makin proposes a curriculum which blends tradition with innovation. In arguing that it is more important to know things, than to get words and that languages (the staple of current male education) are subservient to...


1628-1632: John Comenius wrote his Didactica Magna,...

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John Comenius wrote his Didactica Magna, which argues for the education of girls.


Comenius, John Amos. “Introductions”. The Great Didactic of John Amos Comenius, translated by. Maurice Walter Keatinge, 2ndnd ed, Russell, 1967, pp. 1-169.