Elizabeth Vesey

Standard Name: Vesey, Elizabeth


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Family and Intimate relationships Margaret Bingham, Countess Lucan
He was a relation (through his mother) of Agmondesham (or Agmondisham) Vesey , second husband of the bluestocking Elizabeth Vesey . From 1782 he was a member of the Club associated with Samuel Johnson ...
Friends, Associates Margaret Bingham, Countess Lucan
She was a well-known figure in London cultural circles, particularly that of the Bluestockings. Charles Burney called her at-home evenings blue conversazioni's and Horace Walpole called them quite Mazarine-blue. Others specifically mentioned in...
Friends, Associates Elizabeth Montagu
EM met and formed a close friendship with Elizabeth Vesey .
Myers, Sylvia Harcstark. The Bluestocking Circle: Women, Friendship, and the Life of the Mind in Eighteenth-Century England. Clarendon.
Climenson, Emily J., and Elizabeth Montagu. Elizabeth Montagu, The Queen of the Bluestockings. Her Correspondence from 1720 to 1761. John Murray.
1: 267
Friends, Associates Elizabeth Montagu
EM wrote to express to Elizabeth Vesey her strong views on the deplorable morality of Lord Chesterfield 's letters, recently published.
Blunt, Reginald, and Elizabeth Montagu. Mrs Montagu, "Queen of the Blues", Her Letters and Friendships from 1762 to 1800. Constable.
1: 284-5
Friends, Associates Elizabeth Montagu
The leading figures in the movement were Montagu herself (who spent freely in hospitality, and who was later dubbed the Queen of the Bluestockings or Queen of the Blues) and Carter (the most intellectually...
Leisure and Society Margaret Bingham, Countess Lucan
Her bluestocking assembly, which ran from at least 1781, was modelled on that of her husband's relation Elizabeth Vesey . Anti-bluestocking prejudice may perhaps have fed into her daughter's problems with her mother-in-law, and the...
Leisure and Society Elizabeth Montagu
Some contemporaries commented unfavourably either on EM 's unfeminine assertion of her own ability or on her too feminine love of finery. It would seem that some compared her unfavourably with the more self-effacing salon...
Textual Production Elizabeth Carter
Her nephew Montagu Pennington collected and edited three volumes of of EC 's letters to Catherine Talbot and Elizabeth Vesey .
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Textual Production Hannah More
HM published, anonymously through Cadell , her Florio with her poem on the bluestockings, The Bas Bleu; or, Conversation, addressed to Elizabeth Vesey .
Critical Review. W. Simpkin and R. Marshall.
61 (1786): 263
Jones, Mary Gwladys. Hannah More. Cambridge University Press.
Travel Elizabeth Montagu
EM , travelling in Europe with Lord Bath , wrote from Spa in present-day Belgium, to describe to Elizabeth Vesey her visit there.
Blunt, Reginald, and Elizabeth Montagu. Mrs Montagu, "Queen of the Blues", Her Letters and Friendships from 1762 to 1800. Constable.
1: 48-9


19 June 1725: Dorothy Stanley, née Milborne, published...

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19 June 1725

Dorothy Stanley , née Milborne, published by subscription Sir Philip Sidney 's Arcadia Moderniz'd, in four books (coinciding with the thirteenth edition of the original romance).
English Short Title Catalogue. http://estc.bl.uk/.


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