Sir Henry Evelyn Wood

Standard Name: Wood, Sir Henry Evelyn


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Family and Intimate relationships Annie Besant
His relatives included John Page Wood , husband of novelist Emma Caroline Wood . This pair were the parents of Anna Steele (another novelist), Katharine O'Shea (mistress and later the wife of Charles Stuart Parnell
Family and Intimate relationships Anna Steele
AS 's brother Sir (Henry) Evelyn Wood was an army officer who was responsible for negotiating the Treaty of Pretoria, signed on 5 April 1881, at the end of the Boer War. Popular with Queen Victoria
Family and Intimate relationships Anna Steele
The apparently disastrous story of AS 's marriage remains untold. Her husband was a son of Sir Scudamore Steele, an army officer with the East India Company and said to have been a man of...
Family and Intimate relationships Emma Caroline Wood
Before the age of twenty-one, ECW 's favourite son, Evelyn , won the Victoria Cross in India. He eventually became a Field Marshal.
Marlow, Joyce. The Uncrowned Queen of Ireland: The Life of ’Kitty’ O’Shea. Saturday Review Press.
Family and Intimate relationships Emma Caroline Wood
ECW once rescued Evelyn while he was serving in the Crimean War. He was afflicted by typhoid fever when she insisted on visiting him in a hospital. Florence Nightingale , who ran the hospital, said...
Textual Features Anna Steele
Anna dedicated her half of the volume to her brother Evelyn as a good man, brave soldier, truest friend!
Wood, Emma Caroline, and Anna Steele. Ephemera. Edward Moxon.
She reproduces here the contents of her earlier collection before going on to poems of...
Textual Production Anna Steele
AS is said to have written speeches on a regular basis for her brother Sir Evelyn Wood .
Beckett, Ian F. W. “Women and Patronage in the Late Victorian Army”. History, Vol.
, No. 279, pp. 463-80.


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