John Brophy

Standard Name: Brophy, John


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Family and Intimate relationships Brigid Brophy
BB 's father, John Brophy , was born in Liverpool of Irish stock. In 1914 he lied about his age and enlisted; his mother got him out of the army once by revealing he was...
Literary responses Phyllis Bentley
Disastrously, PB 's reputation as a regional novelist now turned on her: when booksellers learned that this novel was not set in Yorkshire, they began returning copies. She was always bitter about the fate of...
Literary responses Henry Handel Richardson
The Times Literary Supplement said HHR had been scrupulous with the facts, had exercised the novelist's true function of revealing character by uncovering the secret places of the heart, and had revealed Cosima as the...


1979: The principle of Public Lending Right or...

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The principle of Public Lending Right or PLR, whereby government would remunerate authors for circulation of their books through public libraries, was set in place in the UK by the Public Lending Right Act.
“About Us. Background”. Public Lending Right.


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