Eva Hubback

Standard Name: Hubback, Eva


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Occupation Amber Reeves
The principal there, Eva Hubback , had been a friend of hers at Newnham, Cambridge, and a leading suffragist. When she died suddenly on 15 July 1949, AR took the position of acting head for...
politics Eleanor Rathbone
Under Rathbone's leadership, the NUSEC worked toward equalizing the franchise, and securing widows' pensions, equal guardianship of children, and divorce law reforms. Their cross-party activism involved mainly Parliament: lobbying, drafting of legislation, and other efforts...
politics Eleanor Rathbone
The content and the reception of ER 's family allowance initiatives rose and fell with other contemporary social concerns. She met with sustained opposition from the Trade Union Group in parliament—to its undying shame...
Textual Production Amber Reeves
AR edited, together with her husband , The Woman's Leader (successor to The Common Cause, which issued its first number on 6 February 1920 and ran until March 1933). She was sole editor for...


6 February 1920: The Woman's Leader (new incarnation of The...

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6 February 1920

The Woman's Leader (new incarnation of The Common Cause) began publication in London. Under its new title it became the most substantial feminist periodical of the 1920s.

Later 1928: After the Representation of the People Act...

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Later 1928

After the Representation of the People Act made women electorally equal, Eva Hubback and Margery Corbett Ashby founded the National Union of Guilds for Citizenship (later the National Union of Townswomen's Guilds).

March 1933: The Woman's Leader (formerly The Common Cause)...

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March 1933

The Woman's Leader (formerly The Common Cause) ended publication; once again it was revived in a new form, the following month, as The Townswoman.


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